The Microwave!

Hey this is the Microwave!! Actually, this recipe REALLY uses the microwave to cook it! Ha! So here’s the Recipe!!

CaramelCoconut Chewey


5oz-24pieces Chewey Caramel Candies

Plastic Wrap

1c. Shelled Peanuts

Microwave-safe dish

1/4 white chocolate

No-stick Spray(or crisco)

Shredded Coconut


1)CHOP peanuts into small diced peices. 2)UNWRAP caramel peices. 3)put them in the microwave-safe dish along with the white chocolate peices, peanuts and Shredded coconut.

TIP*the coconut should be added to your desire, it’s not needed, and you can put just a small amount if you want.

4)MICROWAVE for 1 minute 5)STIR ingredients well. 6)MICROWAVE again for 30 seconds.If you feel the caramel still needs to melt more put it back in for another 30 seconds. The texture should not be liquid, but it should be a sort of soft texture but firm because once it is spread it’s going to need to harden anyways. So it should JUST be soft enough for you to knead it a little. 7)take mixture out and either put plastic wrap on microwave dish or in another. Then put crisco or non-stick spray on plastic wrap. Place mixture in dish and let harden. This shouldn’t take long if the mix was at the right texture. 8)Take candy block out of dish and chop up into bite size peices. Arrange as you would like and enjoy-by yourself or with guests. Bon’ Appetit’!!

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