Jade’s a Grubbin’

My baby was in a cooking mood yesterday. It was teacher work day, and they were off from school. I unfortunately, had to work, so they were left in the kitchen with their dad. I was so glad when I came home and found dinner cooked! What a treat 🙂 Read about Jade’s cooking adventure yesterday, at her personal site.

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2 comments on “Jade’s a Grubbin’
  1. JMom says:

    Hi Winsor, thanks for visiting our blog. No, I don’t mind if you link to us. I’ll be checking out your blog too. Take care!

  2. Winsor says:

    Hello JMom!
    Your blog is superbly COOL!

    Love all the recipes and tips for cooking.
    As you see, i am a 16 year old living in singapore. Loves good food and definitely love to cook up good food too!

    Stumbling upon ur blog is like finding heaven on earth.
    All the other recipes i find online are really too impractical for cooking in my kitchen.

    I Thank you sincerely for doing this blog. really…

    Can i ask for permission to link ur blog on mine?
    my blog is at http://www.winsor.blogspot.com
    It contains skeptics and critical satire. If you feel offended that your blog is linked to mine, I will have to remember ur blog address in some other ways.
    Thanks alot alot!

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