Green Mangoes

I can tell Durham is catching up with the times when I start seeing mangoes at the grocery store regularly. This week, they were also on sale, 2 for a dollar, so I bought some for me and the girls. These mangoes are from Mexico or Chile usually. Not as good as the Philippine Mango, but when you haven’t had Philippine mango in almost a decade, you’d be glad to get any kind. Luckily some of them were still hard and green, so I got a couple of those for me too. The girls ate their mangoes ripe and sweet and scooped out of the hull. For me, this was my chance to eat the green, crunchy ones with chili salt. The girls always look at me strangely when I eat fruits with salt or vinegar. I keep extolling the flavors of salted watermelon or pomegranate; crisp granny smith apples or jicama dipped in vinegar; of green mangoes dipped in shrimp paste, or in this case salt with chili paste; but they won’t take my word for it nor would they hardly try it. So I am left my lonesome to enjoy the tastes of my childhood. I sure miss my mom, sisters and aunt who would gladly dip anything green and sour in vinegar and salt. My Aunt Lisa would actually drink the vinegar afterwards, she says it’s good for lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. I don’t know how true that is though. My mouth waters as I think about this. I think I’ll go back by the store and see if they have anymore 🙂

Sorry about the skimpy slices, we had almost eaten all of it, before I remembered to take a photo. By the way, I did get Jade to try a piece dipped in plain salt and she actually liked it! The Clone liked it too, but without the salt, just the crunchy mango. Asi was asleep (as usual) so she missed out.

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14 thoughts on “Green Mangoes

  1. rowena

    Ohhhhhhhh…..i haven’t eaten green mangoes with soysauce and vinegar in AGES. -sigh- The delicious memories of comfort food!

  2. ruth

    oh shucks, am salivating over those mangoes! 🙂 we get south american, south african or sometimes, pakistan mangoes over here, but nothing even comes close to our very own!

    my husband wouldn’t believe me either when i said semi-ripe papayas taste best when soaked in vinegar! 😉

  3. JMom

    Hi Manang, Hi Thess, sobra talagang pampalaway, eh ano? I have to go back to the store and get some more 😉

    Holly, NO! Don’t do it!!! You’ll just ruin that good pomegranate juice. I’d hold out till you find some fresh ones if I were you. I thought pomegranates are supposed to be in season between Oct. and Jan.? Where are you located?

  4. holly

    Desperate to try pomegranate with salt, I took a trip to the grocery store. Alas, Pomegranate is out of season (at least according to the stores in my area). I wonder if I would get the same taste effect by sprinkling some salt into a glass of pomegranate juice? Hmmm, probably not.

  5. Thess

    I was just at Stel’s page, saw pickled mango and mango here too…nangangasim na naman ako *slurpppp*

    I grew up kasi in such a ‘sweet’ environment…puro minatamis niluluto ng lola ko, so I was not really a fan of green mango, unless indian mango at hindi sya maasim. But I think I should try to find me some green mango since I saw the sign 2x today.

  6. Manang

    I miss those fruits that I used to dip in vinegar with salt: green mangoes (piko and Indian), sweet watermelon (my in-laws got a kick out of it when I mentioned it during our Christmas get-together, as they already found it funny that my bilas would drink the vinegar-salt-water pickling solution of dill pickles. I just find the contrast of sweetness with sourness and saltiness very desirable), half-ripe papaya, singkamas, and kamias. And like you I have done the same with the very sour McIntosh apples (that was the only way I could eat them fresh!).

    I have not seen any fresh green mangoes here, though. Naglalaway tuloy ako ngayon as I type this comment…

  7. JMom

    Hi Karen, I’m glad you dropped by.

    Hi Holly, I usually take the pomegranate seeds out and put them in a bowl, then sprinkle it with salt and toss it. The preferred way of tossing it is to cover the bowl with a saucer, and shake it. This way, the seeds get a bit bruised and render some of their juice, while at the same time getting coated with salt. We used to do this with various tropical fruits common to the Philippines.

    Hi Drstel, yeah, nothing compares to our variety of mango 🙂 I have tasted the paco variety, small, but packs a lot of flavor. My grandparents had a mango orchard and we used to have our fill during harvest time. Ah, those were the days…

    Hi Jonny, I forgot papayas! My grandmother used to take ‘half-ripe’ papayas and dip those in vinegar too. No, I’ve never tried green apples in place of papayas. I look forward to your post 🙂

    Hi Celia, oh do I ever remember! I still do that with jicama when I can find a fresh one.

    I just love the way food brings back so many memories 🙂

  8. celia kusinera

    Ooooh, you reminded me of one of my favourite summer food in my childhood – singkamas (jicama) sliced very thinly marinated in sukang paombong (vinegar) and salt. While marinating I even put in the fridge so it’s extra cold. After eating the jicama I would drink the vinegar with salt like a soup – ahhh! My lips would be purple by then – hahaha!!

  9. Evil Jonny

    I’m a huge fan of savory green papaya but never tried green mangoes.. I’m sure I’d love it.

    Have you tried eating apples prepared Thai style, with the same flavorings as green papaya salad? Oh, it’s delicious. I think I’m going to have to try making this/posting it on my blog soon…

  10. drstel

    ayahhh, i’m heartbroken all over again. this is the one thing i haven’t found here, a substitute for our green Piko variety..the super sour, juicy kind. *sigh*
    we gotta make do i guess. JMom, did you ever have the pajo kind, the tiny little ones? *double sigh* (naglalaway)

  11. holly

    Pomegranate with salt? I can’t imagine what that tastes like. Pomegranate is one of my favorite things in the world (next to lychees!), but I have never tried it with salt. I feel stupid for asking this question but how do you eat it that way? Do you remove the seeds and salt then salt them? I’m going to have to go to the store this weekend and pick one up to try with salt.

  12. Karen

    Oh such synchronicity! I wanted to post on green mangoes since I have several photos of the trees, leaves (young leaves for salad) and the fruits. Nice to see your entry.



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