This is our version of this, very typical Filipino version of the spring roll, Lumpia. Since my hubby is alergic to bean sprouts, that ingredient is omitted; and since I never plan ahead, I use mainly the three mainstays of our refrigerator, carrots celery and cabbage. Any vegetable can actually be added when making lumpia; besides bean sprouts, green beans, water chestnuts, other types of cabbage, and broccoli, to name a few, can also be used. In a pinch, I have also been known to use the frozen mixed vegetables in lumpia.

1 lb. ground beef

1/2 lb. ground pork

1 whole head of garlic, minced

1 large onion, sliced

2 large carrots, julienned

1/2 lb. green beans, julienned

2 stalks of celery, sliced thin diagonally

1/2 head of cabbage, sliced thin

3 tablespoons of oyster sauce

3 tablespoons of soy sauce

1 teaspoon of black pepper

2 25/pack of spring roll wrappers

Heat wok or large pot and brown the ground meats until they render fat. Use the fat rendered to saute the garlic and onions until they are fragrant. Add the carrots, green beans and celery and stir fry until the green beans are almost tender, then add the cabbage. Stir fry a bit longer with the oyster sauce, soy sauce, and black peppers just until the cabbage wilts. Don’t overcook. Let the mixture cool.

When cool, wrap in the spring roll wrappers and either freeze for later use, or fry in hot oil until lightly browned.

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6 comments on “Lumpia
  1. rowena says:

    Eureka!! I was hopping around taking note of the recipes that I want to try and THIS is going on the menu for the weekend….I don’t believe my husband has tried it yet but I’m sure he’ll love it, along with all the other recipes that I’ve tried from stel and celia. Heck, if an italian can like pinakbet, I think I can cook him anything!

  2. purplegirl says:

    same here — we’ve been using pure ground beef. it’s tastier. my mouth is watering now. especially with chef stel’s spicy vinegar dipping sauce!

  3. JMom says:

    Hi Stel! the ground meat combination actually works pretty good. My kids are so used to the ground beef instead of pork now, they actually can tell when I leave it out.

    You’re right, this is so perfect with vinegar and garlic. Yumm!

  4. drstel says:

    …oooh. then we sawsaw (dip) in vinegar garlic salt and pepper or sili…ahhh.
    i have to try it with this ground meat combination. it has to be good!!!

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