Pinoy Blog of the Week!!!

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We have been voted Pinoy Blog of the Week!! Thank you, Pinoy Blog, for the recognition. We are extremely thrilled and haven’t stopped grinning all day. You have surely brought smiles to our faces, to think that our little project of compiling our daily recipes have brought us not only the satisfaction of recording our recipes for our family but also new found friends from all over.

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5 comments on “Pinoy Blog of the Week!!!
  1. purplegirl says:

    you and the girls so deserve it. congratulations!

  2. Santos says:

    hi jmom and kids–congratulations! and as long as you don’t add any more posts and leave this at the top, you’ll be blog of *every* week as far as i’m concerned 😀

  3. Thess says:


    (mom, tnx for leaving me a warm message, really appreciated that)

  4. drstel says:

    hip hip YEHEY!!!
    congratulations JMom and sweeties..
    ***confetti*** you had it coming! am so kilig for you.

  5. J and A Mom says:

    Congratulations to you and the girls! You all deserve it. If you can inspire me to cook with the simple, yet delish, recipes then you definitely deserve kudos.

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