Girls Night Out

It’s an all girl party, and of course I am fashionably late. My good friend Stel of Baby Rambutan fame, is hosting a mommy munchin’ party, and there is food galore and lots of fun to be had. I see our friend TingAling has already arrived with some luscious looking lobsters; my mouth waters before I even get to the door. I enter to see that everyone has already taken a headstart with CeliaK’s Sangria and other Spanish fare. My stomach grumbles in anticipation of what else is on the table. Visit the baby rambutan for the whole spread for the party.

So I offer these little tidbits for a midnight snack…

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About Jeanette Moore (JMom)

I am a terrible housekeeper but I do love to cook so it all evens out in the end. I like to try new recipes that I think my family will like. However, I am not one to follow all recipes to the letter. I tend to tweak and change the recipes based on what I have on hand and how I am feeling at the time. Feel free to share your versions, I just might try it out next time I make the dish again.

10 thoughts on “Girls Night Out

  1. JMom

    cheh, thanks for the link! The girls and I enjoyed looking at all the different dolls, and we’ve bookmarked the site for the next bday present 🙂

    Hi scanns, thanks! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the book. I’ll share recipes here when I do.

  2. scanns

    JMom, glad to meet you too! Thanks for visiting my blog! Congratulations again for winning! Thanks also for bringing to the party the scrumptious Banana Pudding, Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms (nutritious too!), etc. Wow, ang gagaling nyo magluto! And your kids are cute!

  3. JMom

    WOOHOO!!!! **jumping for joy*** 🙂
    I won, I won!!! Thanks, tita Stel, and a big Thank you to Dash.

    Lara! hallo! galing talaga ng PR person ni Karen 🙂 hehe!

    Sha, di lang alam ni Stel kung gaano katakaw ng mga amiga niya, What leftover ??? Hehe, abunado pa siya ng breakfast 🙂

    OO nga ano, daya mo talaga, Stel. Happy Birthday!!! and we didn’t even bring presents 🙁

  4. drstel

    Jmommy….nanalo ka! win na win dear…dash and i were so kiliti, congratulations! pls email me your snailmail addy….mwa mwa mwa!

  5. Karen

    Nakupo! I don’t remember hiring anyone to do PR, hahaha! Lara talaga. 🙂

    Glad to see we’re both back for this, erm… Stel’s girl’s night out, a.k.a. sneaky birthday party.

  6. schatzli

    naku manang J sarap po ng mushroom nyo… nag tago ako sa bulsa ko no.. di alam ni stel yan kasi gusto nya ang left over sa kanya lang hahaha.

    finally have you on my links (am so slow on this matter)

  7. Svelte Rogue

    jmom! karen has some yummy fishballs and jelly beans over at her site for this party!!! check it out it reads sumptuous! 🙂

  8. drstel

    hehe Jmom di pa ready ang round up, still serving coffee barako for the hang overs 🙂
    will be working on it today, thank you for highlighting tita ting (early bird) and celiaK’s Spanish spread…
    beso beso!


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