Vallisoletano Liquour

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Finally, a liquour to cap the evening, Xtabentun Vallisoletano. Good night, amigas!

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8 thoughts on “Vallisoletano Liquour

  1. Anonymous

    We bought a bottle of this liquor while in Mexico 2 1/2 years ago. I could KICK myself for not bringing back more!! Have been trying to find it ever since. There is another brand out there but doesn’t compare.

    My sister-in-law went to Phoenix & then across the border & got three bottles. All set to bring back one for me & one for her. She & her x-husband opened one…. he liked it so much they drank all three in the month she was out there!!

  2. Patricia

    Mother & daughter have finally agreed on one thing.This liqueur removes all animosity.We are now bff.We are Canadians and would like to import it to dysfunctional families and friends.

  3. Claude

    I picked some of this liquor up in Cozemel and it’s great. I too would like to find more and I’m searching online now. If I’m successful I’ll let you know. If anyone else is successful, please do the same.

  4. JMom

    hehe! Ting, by the time we have a shot of this 30% liquour, we’ll be ready for those sleeping bags 🙂


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