Cooking Tip: Make Your Own Buttermilk

I noticed from the comments to the herbed buttermilk fried chicken recipe below that many cooks do not have access to buttermilk. No worry, sometimes due to my own laziness to go to the grocery store I don’t have buttermilk in my ref either. I have used this substitute for buttermilk before, and have not noticed any significant difference, even in baked goods. You can make your own buttermilk by:

Combining 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice or white vinegar with enough milk to equal 1 cup is a quick and easy way to make sour milk at home. Allow the milk/lemon juice mixture to stand 5 minutes, and the milk should sour and thicken slightly. This homemade sour milk can be used in any and all recipes calling for sour milk and/or buttermilk.

I usually wait about 10 minutes to get the texture really thick. Stir it up, then use as per the recipe.

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I am a terrible housekeeper but I do love to cook so it all evens out in the end. I like to try new recipes that I think my family will like. However, I am not one to follow all recipes to the letter. I tend to tweak and change the recipes based on what I have on hand and how I am feeling at the time. Feel free to share your versions, I just might try it out next time I make the dish again.

6 thoughts on “Cooking Tip: Make Your Own Buttermilk

  1. JMom

    Hi ladies, Tin, Sha and Obachan, You’re welcome! This really is a very handy tip and has come in very handy for me. I’m glad to have helped you out and look forward to your buttermilk creations! πŸ™‚

  2. obachan

    Thank you thank you thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I had to give up on some very tempting recipes several times in the past because I couldn’t get buttermilk around here. Now I can try all of them! πŸ˜€

  3. Typical INgredients


    Thanks for sharing the recipe and maybe next time its good to make your own instead of buying out in the store-lol!

    Belated Happy Valentines Day and take care!



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