Pinoy Table Manners Punishable…HUH!!!???

Click on the photo for the whole story. Also read all the comments at the end of the article. Interesting read.

While visiting the Sassy Lawyer, I read her post regarding the article above. It disturbed me so much I just had to post it here too. But as I am on my way to lunch, I will leave this as it is for now. I’ll go and contemplate while I eat my lunch with a spoon and a fork. I gotta keep up my disgusting habits, ya know. Pwe!!

OK, I just went and ate my rice with eggs and aligue, eaten with gusto with a spoon and fork. Here’s my two cents on this matter.

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4 comments on “Pinoy Table Manners Punishable…HUH!!!???
  1. JMom says:

    gbc this issue has caught on big time in Montreal from what I’ve read on the net. So I guess that Principal is getting an education he wasn’t expecting. Read the follow up article and ensuing comments here

    Hi rosyreds, I’m always glad to see a lurker come out of the shadows πŸ˜‰ thanks for always visiting and for trying out the recipes.

    Hi rowena, unfortunately yes, if it smells like it, it probably stinks πŸ˜€ hehe! It really is too bad that there are still such narrow thinkers out there even as this world seem to be getting smaller. It’s even more sad that it came from an educator.

  2. rowena says:

    That is so ridiculous! It’s not like he’s eating with his hands!! Definitely racism and bigotry is what I smell here….phooey!

  3. rosyreds says:

    Hi JMom! Feel the same way!

    By the way, I’m one of the lurkers, who just visit your blog once in while to see what’s cooking in your kitchen. I’m a novice when it comes to cooking so I go check-out recipes in the internet. I’ve tried your Garlicky Salmon and H loves it! πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I don’t have a blog or website so I can’t extend any invitation to visit mine… Have a great weekend!

  4. gbc says:

    Hi JMom!! You are absolutely right about this one. This is just plain old bigotry happening here. And it doesn’t take into account that the reason why Pinoys use spoons is because we eat rice during all our mealtimes (pretty much!) Hence it’s the practical thing to use with the fork! We don’t go around judging the Anglos or whoever else for using a clumsy knife and fork with their meals! It’s bad form for the adult in this case to show such narrow-mindedness and ignorance. It should have been dealt with in a much more understanding and humane manner. Get over yourself, buddy!!

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