Turnip Greens & Vidalia Onions

This is my adaptation of something my dad used to accompany his fried fish with. He used to simply take raw ‘mustasa’ or mustard greens and dip them in bagoong (fish sauce). Well, my girls are not always big fans of fish sauce, and the turnip and mustard greens we have growing in our garden are not quite the same variety as the one my dad used, so this recipe is just done in the spirit of my dad’s version. First off, I blanched the young turnip and mustard greens just for a minute or two in salted boiling water. Sliced some sweet vidalia onions over them, spritzed it with lemon juice and seasoned with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Very simple, but if you like the taste of freshly harvested greens, this is the way to go. This dish is a perfect accompaniment for anything that is fried. It cuts the guilt and grease down 🙂

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5 comments on “Turnip Greens & Vidalia Onions
  1. JMom says:

    Hi kalyn, luckily this year my wonderful hubby got an early start and started preparing the beds as soon as the last frost went away. Even our tomatoes this year are from seeds!

    Hi mae, you should try planting some, they are very easy to grow, like weeds and they like cool weather. I also planted some ampalaya this year since I am rarely able to find them in the market. I can’t wait to see how it grows.

  2. mae says:

    I do remember having mustard greens in miso soup… that was delicious. I don’t know where to get the mustard greens here or turnip greens. Your salad sounds very healthy! I have been guilty of eating rich foods lately and i need some of these to cover my sins.

  3. Kalyn says:

    Please copy my cucumber cage idea! It’s working so well. I am impressed that you’re growing a garden from seeds. I can’t seem to get it organized early enough in the spring to do that!!

  4. JMom says:

    Thanks, Chas. That’s one of our joys, is having a vegetable garden in our backyard.

  5. charles ravndal says:

    It looks delicious and its something for my diet as well. I wish I can grow some vegetables in my own garden as well. That will be fantastic!

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