LP 11 – Cantaloupe Juice

Another summer time treat that I remember is this cantaloupe juice. I remember buying this from street vendors when I was growing up in the Philippines. I don’t know why, but the steet bought juice was always so much better than the known to be hygenically prepared juice from home. Today, I make this when I have a cantaloupe that is slightly over ripe and too mushy for the girls to eat as is. The girls have taken a liking to this refreshing drink and so has my hubby who was a bit skeptical about watering down a cantaloupe.

The only tool I can’t do without when making this is this little grater that makes fine strips out of the cantaloupe flesh. I have tried mashing the fruit in the blender, but it gets too mushy. I like the fine strands this grater makes out of the fruit. The texture adds another dimension to the drink, and I enjoy scooping out the bits that get left behind at the bottom of the glass.

To make this drink, all you need is cantaloupe, the sweeter and more fragrant it is the better, sugar and water. Adjust the amount of sugar to your liking.

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17 comments on “LP 11 – Cantaloupe Juice
  1. evz says:

    refreshing talaga! and more nutritious drink.
    we call it melon diay Pilipinas daytoy.

  2. mike mina says:

    i simply love cantaloupe! sumobrang sipag ka talaga JMom ha! hehehe . . .

  3. spots says:

    how lovely to live in a place where cantaloupe is so available! 🙂 for me, i hv to be resigned to making watermelon juice – which is also quite good actually!

  4. charles ravndal says:

    I remember those days when I was still in elementary and got to buy that kind of juice outside the school.. hmmm

  5. ces says:

    oh wow! another rejuvinating summer drink! is there anybody who wouldn’t like this? pwd bang sumali sa list ng grater na yan! lol! thanks again for hosting jmom!

  6. JMom says:

    hi MM! I will check your blog soon for your entry. Thanks!

    haha! Stef don’t worry I have you on my list too 🙂 Punta ako sa store this weekend.

  7. JMom says:

    Hi Rowena, I had the same thought when I first heard of cantaloupe soup! Now I love it with the basil combination. Now that I think about it, I think a sprig of mint would have been good with this drink too 🙂

    Hi Stel! yes, that is how jade fixes her drink, with plenty of crushed ice. Oh, and she mixed it with the iced tea in the background, and it was great! Hanap din kita ng grater 🙂

  8. JMom says:

    Hi Tin! busy in the kitchen nga ako lately since the girls are already out of school for the summer. Jade’s been cooking lunch everyday!

    Ting cacaririn ko paghanap nito, so get your daing ready 🙂

    Hi midnitebara! thanks for visiting! I have been reading about how much cantaloupes can cost in Japan. Grabe, no? It’s like gold 🙂

    Lani I forgot to do that! Of course all the flavor in in the pith, my lola used to do that too. I’ll have to remember that next time 🙂

  9. JMom says:

    LOL! Ok, ok, I’ll start looking for this gadget on my next trip to the Pinoy store 🙂

    I think I got this in Los Angeles a long time ago, before we moved here to NC. My sister can probably get us a few more. Lagay niyo lang dito ang mga order.

  10. stef says:

    LOL — ako din, JMom — where did you get the grater??? I’ve been hunting for this for ages! Puede ka na mag-business:D

  11. Marketmanila says:

    Cantaloupe juice IS truly a summer classic… JMom, my LP11 entry up in a few hours…

  12. stel says:

    the best summertime cooler, in my opinion, especially with crushed ice!
    ps. JMom, where did you get your grater? pls. pls. pls?

  13. rowena says:

    What an interesting idea to make cantaloupe juice! I tried a cantaloupe soup that was enhanced with a sprinkle of minced basil…it was the strangest thing I could imagine, but the flavor of cantaloupe and basil actually went well together!

    I am so missing home after having read your previous post with the pork and sayote. What memories that dish brings back to me!

  14. Lani says:

    My hubby loves this so much.

    Everytime I prepare this juice, I scoop out the seed, mix it with water then strain it. Pinoy talaga! Mas malasa daw iyong juice pag ganun.

  15. midnitebara says:

    hi ! just happen to pass by! Im a kabayan but now lives in Japan.
    I miss cantaloupe juice. The melons we have here are for eating only. Anyway, do you mind if I add you to my links? And I hope you visit my humble kitchen too.

    for the love of food

  16. ting-aling says:

    So where exactly did you buy this grater from? Let’s trade. How about if I send you packs of daing and you send me a grater.. ‘gotta do this fast though before summer ends. LOL

  17. Typical INgredients says:

    Hi JMom,

    You look pretty busy cooking this summer eh!

    Thanks for sharing this Cantaloupe juice “memories behind it!” Will make it soon…

    Take care,

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