LP11 – Round-up Part 2

Temperatures here in NC has been in the mid 90’s the last couple of days and today, for 4th of July celebrations the weather will remain in the 90’s with plenty of humidity. I was outside for my morning coffee in the backyard earlier and I was already starting to sweat. I almost wish I had something cool to drink instead.

We saw these mini-bananas at the Filipino store over the weekend, and I just couldn’t resist but buy this bunch even though it costs more than the gigantic bananas at the regular grocery store. They too remind me of summers we spent with my Lola Faus where she had banana trees right in her backyard and these sweet little things were the exact variety she had. They may be small but they pack a great flavor. They are sweet with more intense banana flavor than the giant ones, their flesh have a brighter yellow color, and the peel much thinner. The girls have been devouring them, but I am glad to see that Jade had also put them to good use in other ways.

We have two more entries for Lasang Pinoy 11 on Summertime Coolers and Memories of Summer.

Chef Jade made a mini-banana split delight from the mini-bananas that we picked up from the Filipino store over the weekend; and an iced coffee topped with whipped cream and cherry. I dare hope that she didn’t make these two cooling refreshments at the same time! 😀

Toni of Wifely Steps reminds us of another totally Pinoy treat, the iced avocado candy which her mom still lovingly prepares for her and makes her feel like a ten year old again.

Filipino Cookbooks

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11 comments on “LP11 – Round-up Part 2
  1. JMom says:

    Hi Lynn, thanks! Yes, Charles did do a great job. And I like how he cleaned up my sidebar 🙂

  2. Lynn Tucker says:

    The layout is great! Charles did a great job on it! Charles has a really great imagination, I have always liked the great titles he has on his nav bars. This yellow is awesome! Makes the page jump out and draw you in. And food on the header is always a hit!

  3. JMom says:

    lol! I am so clueless sometimes 😀 hehe!

    OK, LP12 is ON!!

  4. ces says:

    hi j!
    not just a clue dear..go visit my site! lol!

  5. JMom says:

    Hi Toni! of course, basta ikaw pwede kang humabol anytime 😉

    Hi Rowena! Well it’s the right time for it here in NC, it’s been sweltering. I think half of our grocery budget lately has been going to ice cream and other coolers.

    Hi mae! thanks. I’m loving it too! I love all the nifty feature Charles added like this commenting system and the cleaner sidebar.

    Hi Ces! Isn’t Chas just the best? I love it! I’m glad to hear chefKC gave you one alread. I do have extra, and I actually have my sister scouting for the kind I have with the red handle too. Hey, any clue on the next LP topic yet?

  6. ces says:

    this new skin is as refreshing as those coolers! love it! congratulations for winning chas’ make-over!
    btw, don’t bother with the grater, chefKC gave me one when we went upstate to her place last weekend! but yours look prettier…hehehe just let me know if you really have an extra! lol! you can actually use this for LP12!;)

  7. mae says:

    Love the new look JMom!!!

  8. rowena says:

    Everything looks so tempting here, makes me feel like I’m in an ice cream shop!

  9. Toni says:

    Yey! I made it.

    It’s still incredibly hot here in Manila! And that dessert with the little bananas looks yummy and refreshing. I sure would like to help myself to some.

  10. JMom says:

    yeay!!! hahaha! Chas, I know it wasn’t fair, but I’ll take it 🙂 thanks! I’ll send you the pw to blogger right now.

  11. charles ravndal says:

    Lovely dessert! Anyway, I came here to say that you’re my winner for the blogmakeover. Since Duke cant really participate since her blog is on WP. I said only Blogger blogs and you said that you are copying Duke’s answer so it okay with me. So please send me a password and username of your blog so I can work on it as soon as I can. TC

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