LP12 – distinctly Pinoy with a TWANG

My husband loves to tell a story of a chef who worked at one of the nicer hotels here in Durham that is supposed to be offering continental cuisine. It started out just fine for a few months but as the chef got more comfortable, the more his food started tasting like southern food until it got so southern people forgot what it was supposed to taste like to begin with! Well, that’s kind of what fusion cuisine is like, which is the next topic for Lasang Pinoy.

Distincly Pinoy with a TWANG is what Ces has titled this round with, and I wish I had thought of it first, cause it’s the perfect name for my blog! I think my distinctly Pinoy blog is often hit with a touch of Southern twang 🙂 Well, we do give every dish we prepare in our kitchen a touch of Pinoyness to it. If you do the same, perhaps you can share with us how you twist your food to give it a twang and don’t forget to let Ces know when you post your recipes.

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About Jeanette Moore (JMom)

I am a terrible housekeeper but I do love to cook so it all evens out in the end. I like to try new recipes that I think my family will like. However, I am not one to follow all recipes to the letter. I tend to tweak and change the recipes based on what I have on hand and how I am feeling at the time. Feel free to share your versions, I just might try it out next time I make the dish again.

4 thoughts on “LP12 – distinctly Pinoy with a TWANG

  1. charles ravndal

    I will try though I havent made something Pinoy due to lack of ingredients but probably will scour for some today

  2. JMom

    Hi ces! nah, still deciding whether to do a recap of past posts or to do a new one. You have a great week too!

    Hi Chas, you should join us for this round. I would be curious to see a Norwegian dish with a Pinoy twist or vice versa.

  3. ces

    hi j!
    thanks for this post! are you ready na? hehe…not putting pressure on you though…kc ako mismo not so sure which one will be my entry!
    have a great week!


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