LP 17- Eggs, let me count the ways….

For this round of Lasang Pinoy, I decided to gather all the egg recipes that have been sitting waiting to be written up. This round,hosted by Alfbeercan of Eat Matters is all about eggs!

How many ways can you do egg? Probably too many to count. The egg is probably the most versatile food product there is. It can go from delicate to hardy, from simple to sublime as easily as water pours from plastic to crystal and vice versa. Eggs can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even dessert! Not many food items can claim that. So is it any wonder that my photobucket, upon review is peppered with diffent versions of egg dishes?

Here are a few of my favorite ways with eggs:

These are all variations of the omelet, but I cook my eggs what I call the Filipino way which is somewhere between the folded omelet and a fritata. That is, the filling is stirred with the eggs just until it is set.

First, eggs with corned beef. Left over corned beef, that is. We had some leftover corned beef after our annual dose on St. Patrick’s Day so here it is chopped up and sauteed with onions, mushrooms and some left over potatoes first then scrambled eggs was stirred in. Sort of like a corned beef hash and scrambled eggs all in one dish. Great with toast and orange juice for breakfast.

Corned Beef Hash with Eggs

Second, Eggs with Sardines. This is my favorite indulgence when I have a craving for Ligo Sardines. I keep a can in the pantry just for moments like this. Sautee lots of onions and tomatoes and add the sardines of your choice, spicy or not. Break up the sardines, and stir in some scrambled eggs. Yummy over rice.

Eggs with Sardines

Third, Eggs with Tomatoes and Onions. This is a classic in our kitchen. Simply sautee onions and tomatoes and stir with scrambled eggs. Great served with fried rice and bacon or even better, tuyo (dried fish).

Eggs with Tomatoes and Onions

Fourth, Eggplant Omelet. In Filipino, we actually call this torta and is sometimes served not for breakfast but for lunch or dinner. Eggplants (use the long variety – Chinese, Japanese, or Filipino) are first grilled or roasted to burn off the skin. Remove the skin and spread out the egglant. Pour scrambled eggs over it and try to keep the shape of the eggplant intact during cooking.

Tortang Talong

Fifth, Ground Beef Torta. This is another classic egg recipe that can be served during meals other than breakfast.

Ground Beef sauteed with garlic, tomatoes and onions

Ground Beef Omelet

Sixth, Egg Salad. There are many variations of the egg salad but the girls and I like this, the simplest of them all. This is simply boiled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper and brought together with a bit of mayonnaise. Great for lunch with a green salad or on toast. This was a great way to use up Easter Eggs 🙂

Egg Salad on Toast-

Make sure you check Eat Matters for the round up in a few days.

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14 comments on “LP 17- Eggs, let me count the ways….
  1. mikemina says:

    i love all the egg dishes you posted for this round of LP! makes me want to have them for my breakfast everyday . . . tee hee!

  2. Graxia says:

    hi JMom. im not a blogger and its my first time to visit your blog site. love the different egg recipes here, fave ko is tortang ground meat, like left-over sa picadillo. want to share another favorite egg recipe. i call it scrambled egg with a twist. simply add quick melt cheese, tomato and fresh milk (just enough to still make the egg buo when fried) on it.

  3. Deborah Dowd says:

    With all these egg dishes, you have had your share of protein, but eggs are certainly one of the most versatile foods there is! Your ground beef and egg torta looks intriguing, but for me eggs and sardines are not making it!

  4. Omom says:

    Hiya sis!
    Hahaha…hubby hates it when the girls and I eat sardines. He’s out of town again and we had sardines with eggs, yummm! LOL!

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow! favorite kong lahat ito:) happy mother’s day Jmom:)- ajay

  6. ces says:

    oh my oh my! eggs galore! i agree with ka-is, fave breakfast in the house, egg sang-wesh!
    and nice new skin j!
    i hope my entry can still make it…

  7. JMom says:

    hi pookah, I’ll have to try the cottage cheese next time I make egg salad. That sounds interesting! But what the heck is shit-on-a-shingle? lol! You’ll have to give me the recipe for that one just so I can say, here, have some shit-on-a-shingle!

    The sardine brand is Filipino, the link is on the post, it’s called Ligo Sardines.

    Hi chase, thank you. I like that too, just fried egg with toast 🙂

    Hi nini, oops, sorry 🙂 I’m at work now and looking at food is making my stomach grumble.

    Hi iska, oh definitely! anything is great with pandesal 🙂

    Hi THESS!!!!! good to see you getting around again. Miss na rin kita and your wonderful recipes 🙂

  8. thess says:

    Hellow JMOM!!! long time no dalaw ako…miss kita ha!

    aba e paborito ko halos lahat ng egg-recipes na featured mo….napaka versatile talaga ng eklog ano? 😉

    greetings from Olandya! (sana naman 2loy-2loy na pagkabuhay ko para lagi makadalaw he he)

  9. iska says:

    Wonderful egg recipes, JMom! Love ’em all especially the last one… sarap yun sa pandesal!

  10. Nini says:

    Hi, I love omelettes, especially tortang eggplant and eggs with corned beef 🙂 your post made me hungry…

  11. chase says:

    They all look so wonderful! I always like to experiment cooking with egg as well. Sometimes I just dip my bread on egg and fry it!

  12. Pookah says:

    I love eggs and really liked your post here. First, I love corned beef hash with a poached egg. I like egg salad. We have been mixing it with cottage cheese vs mayo for the diet and we really like it. I love eggs benedict and shit-on-a-shingle and pickled eggs and deviled eggs and eggs just about any way. When I am gone, the hus eats sardines, his fav snack food. I read him about sardines and eggs and I’ll bet he’ll try it. What’s the brand?

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