Wine Racks for Our Kitchen

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My husband has been eyeing a built in wine rack at a restaurant that is similar to the one in this photo, for the longest time. Although he loves building things himself, he doesn’t always have the time.

He loves wine, and I do too. We both like having some on hand when we are in the mood for when whe have company over. When we have friend over, they also inevitably bring wine as gifts so we end up having extra bottles at one time or another. We can probably store them in the refrigerator, but some wines are just not ideal chilled. Ergo, a space to store wine, aside from the pantry, has been needed in our kitchen for a while. These wine racks seem to be a good solution for us right now without having to build a wine cellar (my wishfull thinking here). They carry different styles in different materials like wood or metal. They also have some cool looking hanging stye wine racks, but our taste and our old kitchen leans more to the traditional wood designs. My husband really likes this one and he already has a side of the kitchen picked out where he can place it and would still look built in.

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One comment on “Wine Racks for Our Kitchen
  1. Paul Wyatt says:

    Diamond shaped bins are pretty stupid for a variety of reasons, especially in California.
    The kitchen would be the second worst place (After the garage) to store wine for any time at all since the temperature fluctuations are usually high and happen regularly.

    Paul Wyatt

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