Creamy Mango

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Before the girls left for summer vacation, we bought a pack of ataulfo mangoes from Costco, which in the past have been very good, but this time they were not too sweet and were on the verge of getting over ripe. We decided to just scoop out all the flesh and make a puree out of it. We weren’t really sure where we were going with this puree. I was seriously considering mango cake but just didn’t have the energy for it. With dinner time looming and still had some prepping to do before our company arrived, we decided to just dump the whole thing in the ice cream maker and this is what came out.

Like I said, I was feeling really lazy and didn’t want to deal with making custard and such for a traditional ice cream recipe, so I omitted the eggs and just went for pure cream and mango puree mixture.

4 ataulfo mangoes, pureed (about 2 cups)
3 cups heavy cream
1.5 cups caster sugar (super fine)
pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients and pour into an ice cream maker. Process until set and serve. You can save leftovers, if any, in the freezer.

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4 comments on “Creamy Mango
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  2. toni says:

    Oooh creamy mango… now put a scoop in between two slices of bread. Ideally pandesal. 😀

  3. Pookah says:

    Everything looks really good, the mango, the eggplant, the green beans and the shrimp! Wow! I must be hungry!

  4. Ebb Tide says:

    The creamy mango sounds good. I go to Costco too, buy a box of mango and many times they are so sweet, we don’t have left over. I know what to do when we have left over.

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