The Best Way to Cook Bacon


Bacon is one of our favorite breakfast items and we’ve had a love/hate relationship with it over the years. Some people in my household likes them extra crispy and some like them ‘just cooked but still soft’. Over the years, we’ve had more like burnt, too hard, or not cooked enough instead. There were bacon that shriveled and there were some that got tough as hide. The round skillets were also not very bacon friendly especially when you like your bacon straight up rather than bendy.

When we discovered baking bacon, we were one happy family! See, when you bake bacon it gets to be nice and crisp without being greasy and some of the center ones (where it’s not so hot) get cooked ‘just right’. What I do is line a cookie sheet with foil to make clean up easier (You won’t have to scrub burnt drippings and grease from your pan. Just peel and throw out) and on top of that place a metal rack. Lay the bacon across and bake at 400 degrees F for twenty minutes. The bacon comes out perfect everytime!

One last note: It is best to use the best bacon you can find. Since you won’t be eating bacon every weekend, at least I hope you don’t, you can afford to splurge a bit and buy the better quality bacon rather than the regular ones. I buy the thicker market style bacon, either with or without the pepper, but I try not to get brands that are overly sweet with maple syrup. My family just prefers it without the strong maple taste. Plus, it is less likely to burn when it doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it.

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10 comments on “The Best Way to Cook Bacon
  1. Lanie Tan says:

    U can also cook bacon in the microwave.. simply put bacon strips in between two kitchen paper towels and microwave 1min for each bacon for crispy bites and or lessen cooking a few seconds for chewy bites. the paper towels will absorb all the fats. i learned this from my canadian employer in shanghai. hope u will like it.

  2. hi, i’m new here to your blog. I was very impressed on the post about how to cook bacon. I usually fry bacon in a skillet, but i’m anxious to try it this way. Thanks for the great info, and I’ll be coming back often to visit.

  3. Marie says:

    the bacon looks so good, I want that

  4. Chantix says:

    I like your method of cooking bacon. Not only is it impossible for me to get it right in the frying pan, but it makes a mess too!

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  6. JMom says:

    Hi Midge, I had the same problem with the frying pan. It was frustrating. Thanks for the visit 🙂

    Hi Laurie, hehe! I love this food group too. I’ll have to try out the bacon desserts I’ve been seeing on the blogs lately.

    Hi Oggi, try it. Those thick sliced bacon cooks perfectly this way. We always had the problem of having an uncooked ends and crisp center when we cooked them in a round pan since the heat wasn’t even.

  7. oggi says:

    Jmom this is a great idea! I’ll bake bacon the next time I serve them, which is not very often, and I like them sliced thick too. Thanks for the tip.:)

  8. Laurie says:

    Loved the bacon article. Bacon is my favorite food group.

  9. Midge says:

    Hi, JMom. This is a great idea, seeing how I can never get my bacon to come out right in a frying pan. How have you been? (Love the new blog-look, by the way.)

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