Cherry Crisp

Cherry Crisp

This is called Cherry Crisp but around here it is more commonly referred to as Cherry Dump Cake. My daughters hate that name though since they have an aunt who associates that second name to something totally disgusting. 😀

Anyway, this is a very easy cake to make, certainly way below the Daring Baker meter, but perfect for kids. My ten year old daughter, The Clone, can do this by herself. You will see from the recipe how this treat got its name. You basically dump everything in a pan, bake it and you get something very yummy and delicious.

Cherry & PineappleINGREDIENTS:
1 12-15 oz. can Cherry Pie Filling (you can also use other flavors like blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, etc.)
1 can (12-15 oz) Crushed Pineapple
1 box Yellow Cake Mix
Nuts (optional)
1 stick of Butter

Dump the Cherry filling and Crushed Pineapple in a 9×13 inch, oven safe, dish and mix them together.

Add a layer of nuts. You can skip this step if you don’t like nuts in your cake but I think it’s a nice texture contrast.

Yellow Cake Mix <Butter
Next, dump the yellow cake on top and dot with the stick of butter that has been cut into pieces.

Bake at 350 degrees F for about 40 minutes or until it is browned and bubbly, cool and serve.

Cherry Dump Cake

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7 comments on “Cherry Crisp
  1. I love dump cakes and cherry is a favorite. Easy and good.

  2. JMom says:

    hi mye, you are funny… re. brown thumb. lol!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Now I wonder which ones of my good old buddy old pal you are referring to? 😉 So you’ll be in my neighborhood soon eh? Prepare yourself for the heat if you’re moving this summer. Where in NC are you moving to?

  3. mye says:

    …oh…not alas because i have a brown thumb…that’s actually a goodie, but alas i have killed almost all my plants. none survived =P

  4. mye says:

    hi, im one of your avid readers – very recent, though. your good old buddy old pal gave me the link to your website. he said you are a very good friend of his family that you moved from socal to nc. my family is relocating to nc from norcal. i’ve been reading your articles especially your kitchen entries. i just want to let you know i have an affinity for kale, and i am so happy that you share your recipes. you have an ideal backyard – a bit of a small farm. i’ve always wanted a nice garden but alas, i have a brown thumb – literally and figuratively.

  5. ces says:

    btw, that looks soooo gooood!

  6. ces says:

    hi J!
    syempre naman you should join! well this post is good enough you know since i love cherries!!! hahaha db may fruit naman sha:)
    how are you btw?

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