Papaya & Lime Juice

One of my favorites fruits is papaya. My daughters have never been very fond of it and couldn’t understand my liking for it. That is, until they went home to the Philippines in 2006. They are still gushing about the papaya they had over there. Sadly though, that just made them turn their noses up even more to the bland papayas that we get here.

I don’t ever learn my lesson though, that’s how strong my attraction is to this fruit. Every time I see one at the store, I just can’t pass it up. My daughter says to me, “I don’t know why you’re getting another one, you’d just be disappointed.” She’s right, more often than not, I end up getting disappointed that they aren’t sweet enough or fragrant enough. However, as I was raised by a grandmother who won’t waste anything especially food, I try to eat it up anyway.

This is a tip from the same grandmother that I’m glad to say even my finicky papaya snobs won’t turn their noses up on.

When you have a not perfectly ripe papaya or one that just isn’t very sweet, try spritzing it with lime juice and a sprinkling of sugar. The combination brightens up the flavor to something quite pleasant and refreshing.

Papaya and Lime Juice

This photo is submitted for the La.Pi.S (Lasang Pinoy Sundays) conceived by Ces to feature Filipino food or foods cooked up by Filipinos through photographs. This is going to be a weekly event, so make sure you visit the La.Pi.S. portal for the week’s theme.

This week, the theme is PRUTAS (fruits)!


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8 thoughts on “Papaya & Lime Juice

  1. [eatingclub vancouver] js

    Agreed. Papayas here just don’t taste like anything that I’ve given up on the fruit.

    I remember liking papayas growing up in Manila and it was one of my favourite fruits. Here, I don’t even have the desire to eat one when I see it in the supermarket.

  2. NUR

    try dipping it in vinegar and salt… oooohhh reminds me of the good ole childhood days in the 80s back in lola’s place where we would literally kalbo the papaya trees in search of the manibalang fruit!

  3. Weng

    i love papaya too! i haven’t had one in a long time. as a little girl, i would put papaya slices in a glass and then add sugar and milk and some ice. kinda like halo-halo. hee hee. yum! hee hee. πŸ™‚

  4. dhanggit

    this is what i miss, those crunchy and yet sweet papayas that we have in Philippines..this is a perfect salad!! I would probably eat with some slice of jambon serrano, arugula salad and slivers of parmesan cheese…i could already imagine the taste!!

    btw, i would love love to invite you to join REcipe Muncher. check out the website

  5. colleen

    You are so right about the papayas we get here. Inconsistent would be the word. However even when we lived in Mexico where they are much better my kids still turned up their noses at them. That’s sort of why I came up with the green papaya smoothie recipe, it basically obliterates all the papaya flavor if any with stronger flavors.

  6. snippets

    a nephew didn’t like the papaya, too, when he was younger. but when we added calamansi juice he loved it! πŸ™‚

    thanks for dropping by!

  7. ces

    that goes for my kids too, and i am still in the process of showing them the light πŸ™‚ my youngest esp. needs to see THAT light since he’s constipated since he was a baby! and that’s a wonderfully appetizing way of serving up some yummy papayas! thanks for this entry J! and see you next week! do drop me a line if you have suggestions for future themes ok?


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