La.Pi.S. – RED

Pickled Beets

The theme for this week’s Lasang Pinoy Sunday (LaPiS) is RED. So we offer up these dark red pickled beets from our garden. Beets, while also grown in the Philippines is not commonly used in Filipino dishes. However, with the prevalence of fusion cuisines you just gotta know a Filipina will somehow find a way to use beets in Filipino dishes. Check out these ways to cook up beets Filipino style:

Collard & Beet Greens in Coconut Milk (Gata)
Pink Tinola

To see other entries for LaPis, please visit Ces’ Spices.

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8 comments on “La.Pi.S. – RED
  1. ces says:

    now i can tell you i have tried beets ever since you posted your entry pink tinola for the fusion theme we had…i like it! now i’ll have to try that pink tinola…

  2. iska says:

    Haven’t tried beets… or atleast I think so. Masarap ba talaga?

  3. oggi says:

    Perfect timing! I currently have in draft a post on Poached Pears In Red Wine And Beet. I will try to finish it today so I can join this week’s lapis.

    I seldom use beets in my cooking because it stains everything including my hands. I use gloves and cover the chopping board with triple sheets of plastic film whenever I make Russian salad.

    BTW, I love your pink tinola.:)

  4. G_mirage says:

    Its a regular sald here…=D Never tried hehe, the color for me is just too strong! Great photo presentation!!!

  5. luna miranda says:

    i think i had had beets in a salad one time or the other. i like the color.:D

  6. Dexie says:

    acccckkkk… can’t stand them..LOL

  7. Weng says:

    JMom! Between you and me, I ate boiled beets some time last year in an attempt to lose weight. Nyahaha! They’re not bad at all. I know someone who puts beets in her potato salad recipe. 🙂

    Have a great week!

  8. maiylah says:

    beets! my sister love beets …. the pink tinola sounds intriguing! i should tell my sister about that! 🙂

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