LaPiS: MELTed Bliss

Black Bottom Pie

The theme for this week’s Lasang Pinoy Sunday is MELTed Bliss. When I think of anything melting, I can’t help but think of Chocolate. Our latest kitchen creation with melted chocolate was this Black Bottom Pie (recipe to be posted later). This dessert was so blissfully sinful, it really is shameful. The crust is crushed gingersnap cookies and butter, a chocolate mouse layer, a rum mouse layer and a whipped cream topping. Yummy!!!

As usual, we couldn’t wait long enough for it to chill so the top layer was still not quite set and a little MELTy, but the flavors were all there and oh so delicious!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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11 comments on “LaPiS: MELTed Bliss
  1. Manang says:

    yummiliciou-sounding! recipe up yet???

  2. When it comes to dessert, the more sinful, the better! 😉 I’d love to dig into that pie! 😀

  3. ces says:

    this had me at the hello! haha! sa whipped cream plang, ayos na ako:) i want the recipe! recipe! 🙂 or is it posted yet? i’ll check 🙂

  4. alpha says:

    yummy! sinful ito!

  5. Pinky says:

    Blissfully sinful indeed! 🙂 If only I could taste it (*sigh*) – I’m sure it is yet another “to-die-for” creation!

  6. korek si ms.Z’ris

    chocolate and mouse said it all kaya eat na tayo 😀

  7. Zriz says:

    Say no more! chocolate, mouse, and whipped cream in one sentence is shameful! Now I want some! hehehehe

    you can never go wrong with chocolate!

  8. Jescel says:

    that looks soooo delicious! sinful, indeed. can’t blame you for not being able to wait. I’d dive immediately in myself! lol..

    Got an entry too.. hope you check it out.

  9. miriam says:

    i wouldn’t wait too! i just have to dig in! chocolate mousse, rum mousse and whipped cream – yummy!

  10. Gmirage says:

    Oh my…that really looks yummy!

  11. raquel says:

    i can’t wait for the black bottom pie recipe.. that rum mousse layers looks sinfully delicious!

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