Easy Onion Rings – Slice it UP!

Onion Rings

It’s been a crazy busy week at work last week and it will continue for two more weeks so I haven’t had too much time to cook much less post on the blogs. Luckily, my big girls have been such a big help in the kitchen and even remember to take photos for my food blog. Isn’t that nice?

So this week, for Lasang Pinoy Sundays (LaPiS), I am offering up some easy peasy onion rings that my daughter SLICEd UP and cooked up all by herself. The batter she used, I’m surprised to find out, because it was crispy delicious, was instant pancake batter!

She cooked up these delicious onion rings and paired it up with turkey and ham sandwiches, also SLICED in half! Visit SpiCes to see what other LaPiS participants SLICED up this week!

Sandwich & Onion Rings

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7 comments on “Easy Onion Rings – Slice it UP!
  1. Christina says:

    Haha! My spam word is -veggies- Lol Hello! I am a FB friend of Ophelia and she sent me over to one of your family blogs, which is how I got here! *^.^* I absolutely love onion rings and these look GREAT! May I please ask (1) what kind of pancake mix was it and (2) what kind of oil did you fry them in? Lastly, (3) Was it in a pan or deep fry? They look so good I could just reach right in and munch one! …or two …or three. Haha! Better watch out or I\’ll be eating them all! *^.^*

  2. miriam says:

    kudos to your daughters for stepping up. such delightful fotos too!

  3. Toni says:

    Good job! 😀

    Do you dip the onion rings in any sauce?

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  5. Oggi says:

    So nice and she did a great job too! That’s a good idea using pancake mix.

  6. Jescel says:

    oh, that is sweet of your girls to do that for you! I’d say, there’s some chef there in the making, huh?

  7. ces says:

    wow J, sarap mo naman…you’ve got yourself some clones there! haha! future chefs! kulang nalang they do the blogging for you, haha! this reminds me..i need to use up an opened box of bisquick for something like this:)

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