Refried Rice Cake

The girls and I had a cooking spree yesterday, each of us cooking a dish. The Clone made pizza from scratch, Jade made a delicious sesame chicken, and I made a roast pork. We now have enough food so that we won’t have to cook for days! That’s always a good thing in our house since I don’t normally get home from work until six p.m. or later.

Well, I had a big slice of pizza while it was still hot from the oven and I wasn’t hungry anymore come dinner time. But, I stayed up late last night and right around midnight, I started to get hungry. I could have gone to sleep which is what I usually do, but instead I decided to have a snack. That’s when I remembered that I still have some rice cake (biko) in the refrigerator. I decided I better have some of that before it goes bad. It was looking a little sad and dry though, so I decided to warm it up the way my grandmother used to warm up suman (banana wrapped rice cake) by frying it in butter and sprinkling sugar over it.

This is what I had at midnight last night, and it hit just the right spot! What do you like to snack on late at night?
fried biko

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