Food Quote: PASTA

Bow Pasta

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta” ~ Federico Felini

I never know what I’m going to post for Food Quote Wednesdays until the actual day comes since I always do things at the last minute. It wasn’t until this morning when I started seeing food photos on my wall that I realized what day it is! So it seems that today’s meme had inadvertently turned into a pasta meme and I’m jumping into the bandwagon.

I found this photo on my photobucket of the neckbones in ‘gravy’ that I cooked a while back. I will be posting the recipe later as soon as I find my notes.

This was one of the favorite of the girls who were getting tired of neckbones by the time I cooked this. It also helped that I paired it up with pasta and pasta is always a hit at my house no matter how it is prepared.

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4 comments on “Food Quote: PASTA
  1. Gizelle says:

    I’ve never cooked neckbones before 😀 the only neckbone I know is that of chicken hehe. and since that’s tasty, I bet this is too! Happy wednesday!

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