Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day brunch is a standing tradition in our family as it is most families I suppose. It’s a great way to celebrate moms without them having to do any work. A very welcomed treat for most moms, I can tell you since I am now a mom too. The downside to it though is that the long waits in most restaurants!

Unless you make reservations ahead of time, you will end up waiting a long time or maybe not even get in at all. Sometimes, even when you make a reservation it’s not a guarantee that you won’t wait. Waiting for a table on Mother’s Day has become part of the tradition.

However, there is a slow trend that is catching on and I think I kind of like the idea! For instance, where I grew up and spent many a Mother’s Day celebrations, brunch delivery in Los Angeles has just gotten easier with the Brunch Butler!

The Brunch Butler is the first brunch delivery service that I have heard of. The Brunch Butler was established in Switzerland in 2008 and has now ventured to expand their services and cuisine to Los Angeles.

I love that their menu focuses on fresh and nutritious dishes focusing on nuts, berries and fruits. And if you’re an early starter, breakfast delivery in Los Angeles is also being launched. How amazing would that be to serve moms gourmet breakfast in bed! None of the fuss of having to get dressed and waiting in line with the crowd. You can spend an enjoyable family time at home.

My L.A. friends and family, if you are still thinking of what to do for Mother’s Day, I think this would be a great option, don’t you?

DISCLOSURE: Image credit to the Brunch Butler who is also a sponsor of this blog.

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