Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Supplies


photo credit: Cayusa via photopin cc

photo credit: Cayusa via photopin cc

More modern home kitchens are utilizing commercial kitchen designs because of their durability and practicality. For cooking enthusiasts, using commercial kitchen supplies just completes that ‘feeling like a pro’  vibe. However, when it comes to commercial kitchen supplies, you cannot just throw everything into the dishwasher and expect it to come out as good as new. Remember that commercial kitchens are held to a very high standard. Everything has to be cleaned thoroughly before it is used again. There are a few tips that can make sure that this happens.

1. Rinse tools off right away.
For things like mixing spoons or spatulas, rinse them off with hot water as soon as you are done using them. Once food has dried, it often takes far longer to get it off, but it will just spray off when it is wet. If you do this even before you are done cooking, you may be able to run the dishes through the dishwasher and have them actually come out clean.

2. Soak cooking pans.
For pans that you use for cooking, which already have hardened food on them, you need to soak them. This is especially true for baking pans that were used for bread, cake, brownies and things of this nature. Do not wear yourself out scrubbing them for fifteen minutes when you could just let them soak for an hour and then wash them in two minutes.

3. Use the dishwasher to sanitize the dishes.
A dishwasher can be great because it uses detergent and sanitizer to really make sure that everything is clean. If you get the food off of everything first, you can use it for this final step in the process.

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