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Spring Basket Giveaway at Megan’s Cookin’

Megan’s Cookin’ is giving away this beautiful spring basket for your kitchen. All you have to do to get a chance to win it is click on the link or the photo to her giveaway announcement and leave he a comment telling her you’d like to be in the drawing. Make sure to tell her I sent you! Make sure you get over there before March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. … Read entire article »

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LP Loco

The next round of Lasang Pinoy is Loco over Coco!! This is the 24th edition, meaning LP is two years old! Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun Kai who blogs at Bucaio is the host for this month’s event. You have until the end of February to submit an entry for any Filipino recipe you’ve tried out that has coconut in it. Anytime during the month of February you can write about or feature a photo of anything that involves the coconut, cooked or uncooked, edible or inedible. You can write about a time-honored tradition, or create/invent a new one for the succeeding generations. You can write about the coconut’s presence in your life while growing up in the Philippines, or what it has meant for you living elsewhere. … Read entire article »

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LP 22 Round UP – Rice to the Challenge!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this past month’s Lasang Pinoy, Rice to the Challenge! For the year’s end, we decided to feature the ubiquitous rice and all the ways it could be cooked. Visit the food blogs below to see how they rose up to the challenge. … Read entire article »

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Lasang Pinoy 22: Rice to the Challenge!

Lasang Pinoy is a monthly blogging event that promotes Filipino cuisine and I am honored to host this month’s event. The theme I have chosen is RICE! We have gone through 21 months of Lasang Pinoy and we’ve covered a spectrum of Filipino dishes. Every one of those dishes, if you notice, always paired well with rice. See if you can count how many recipes end with ‘serve over rice’ or ‘serve with lots of steamed rice’. I lost count. Rice is a huge part of Filipino cuisine So I thought isn’t it time to highlight rice? Rice is woven so tightly into the Filipino palate that it is often taken for granted. It is simply assumed that you will have rice with your meal. It is never the center of … Read entire article »

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Welcome to our kitchen!

Hello, all! Come in, pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee and chat for a while. That’s usually my routine when friends come to visit. We never sit in the living room, we immediately go to where the good stuff is, the kitchen!  I’m still decorating and putting things in their proper place, so bear with me if on your visit you find a spill or two. Iska, thanks for letting me know about the commenting system now working on the other template. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, so I changed frocks for a while. … Read entire article »

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Moving on…….. and on

Sorry I hadn’t been posting much. I am getting ready to move this blog so I am looking for a template and I am still busy setting up the new site. Just to give you a heads up, the new site will be at We’re still eating and I’m still cooking, just haven’t been blogging about food I’m cooking up something different most days, learning about three lettered things like PHP, SQL, FTP and the likes. The girls have also gone back to school; two of them in high school and one in elementary. Time is moving too fast for me to stay on schedule! … Read entire article »

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Pinoy Cook Forum

To all Filipino bloggers and all bloggers interested in learning more about Filipino cuisine, the PinoyCook has revived the forum! Go register and join in the fun. Visit: Filipino Cookbooks … Read entire article »

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I’ll see you next year!

I was hoping to post a few more recipes before I left. We even did a bit of holiday baking last weekend, but the christmas cookies were so good, they were gone before I remembered to photograph them! We are gone for a long awaited trip to the Philippines, so when we return next year I hope to regale you with stories about all the food we ate and won’t tell you how many pounds I gained. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I’ll catch up with you in a month or so! … Read entire article »

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