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LP25 – Make Your Own Bento

This month’s Lasang Pinoy theme, hosted by Ajay, is make your own Bento. My daughters and I pack our own lunches for school and work and have always aspired to make them more aesthetic like the Japanese bentos; but our attempts have always been half-hearted at best because mornings are usually so hectic that we usually end up dumping in a lunch container, whatever is left over from the last night’s dinner.

Now with the bento theme, we really had the best of intentions and had even scouted our local asian markets for bento boxes without luck. Then before we could assemble our bentos, life interrupted and I had to go away for a while. In the meantime, I had missed the deadline for posting for Lasang Pinoy!

My apologies to Ajay for this late post. This tiny bento was my daughter Jade’s lunch before I went away.

This is very simple but here’s what was in this lunch:

Garlic Fried Chicken
Stirfried Snow Peas and Bell Peppers
Steamed Rice

We haven’t given up on our attempts at more aesthetic lunches, we’ll be posting future attempts here.

Thanks to Ajay for hosting this month’s Lasang Pinoy.

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Make Your Own Bento for Lasang Pinoy

BentoI was intrigued as I was starting to sweat this month’s Lasang Pinoy Challenge, Make Your Own Bento, so I have been doing a little research. Because as much as I admire beautiful bento boxes, I really have no idea where to begin. The girls and I keep saying “we need to try making our own bento”, but we really haven’t had much success. The girls bought some cute bento containers when we were in California last summer, but we just fill them up with our usual lunch fare; sandwiches and left overs.

One of my favorite bento food blogs is Kaoko’s Kitchen Cow. Her beautiful bentos inspire me, they make me wish I could be that creative. Probably not much chance of that happening especially since I still haven’t come up with what to make for this month’s Lasang Pinoy which is hosted by Ajay’s Writing on the Wall. It’s not too late to submit an entry!

If you’ve noticed on my sidebar, I’m a featured publisher on FoodBuzz a new site where people who love food congregate. Not too long ago, while browsing FoodBuzz, I came across Lunch in a Box, another bento site. The last post I read was about one of my favorite stores going online where pretty soon, you can get reasonably priced bento items just like at their store. They aren’t up 100% yet, but you can start browsing and check back often for when their online store is fully open. Visit Ichiban Kan online.

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Chard in Coconut Milk (Laing)

Chard Laing
This is not the first time I’ve cooked vegetables in coconut milk. I just love this combination, especially with greens that can withstand a slightly longer cooking time. That’s because for this dish to taste ‘just right’, it has to be cooked until most of the liquids have evaporated and only the flavors remain. This is my second entry for this month’s Lasang Pinoy, Coco Loco by Kai.
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Catfish in Coconut Milk

My apologies to Kai for the late posting. The past few weeks have just been too hectic and hadn’t had much time to cook. I really meant to cook something sweet for this month’s Lasang Pinoy challenge, but I ran out of time and decided to just look through my recipes on the ‘wait-to-post’ list with coconut as an ingredient. It wasn’t hard to do, I love coconut so there is always a recipe or two with coconuts in it.This recipe was destined for the ‘secret pot’, those that no one else in my house would eat but me. I loved it, but I had to enjoy it alone and that is never fun.
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LP Loco

The next round of Lasang Pinoy is Loco over Coco!! This is the 24th edition, meaning LP is two years old! Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

Kai who blogs at Bucaio is the host for this month’s event. You have until the end of February to submit an entry for any Filipino recipe you’ve tried out that has coconut in it.

Anytime during the month of February you can write about or feature a photo of anything that involves the coconut, cooked or uncooked, edible or inedible. You can write about a time-honored tradition, or create/invent a new one for the succeeding generations. You can write about the coconut’s presence in your life while growing up in the Philippines, or what it has meant for you living elsewhere. Maybe discuss how coconuts are treated

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LP 23 – Rib Ends Braised in Green Tomato Chutney

Rib Ends Braised in Green Tomato Chutney
Lorraine of Super Sarap is the host of this month’s Lasang Pinoy event, Crockpot Cooking. What I wanted to try cooking in a crockpot is Humba which I have seen recipes of in several food blogs. Specifically, from The Pilgrim’s Pots and Pans. However, when it came time to cook and I started looking in the pantry for ingredients, I found myself pulling ingredients that were totally unrelated to what I had intended to cook! Well, not totally unrelated. I think what I came up with has a different flavor but the intent could be considered similar to humba. This is an adaptation of Karen’s Humba recipe. Continue reading

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LP 22 – Puto

When I first started brainstorming about what to make for LP 22, I thought of trying my hand at making Tapey, a rice wine common during the holiday season in my mom’s hometown. It requires a yeast called bubud, to encourage fermentation, that I was determined to search for. But, holiday preparations got in the way and I resigned to try my hand at something simpler instead; this puto and kutsinta combination. Little did I know the process was not as simple as I thought to get the results I wanted!

At least for the kutsinta I was partially successful and can foresee future tweaks to improve on it. My attempts at puto, however, leaves a lot to be desired. I wish I could have read Stef’s puto experiment, her entry for LP 22, at the onset. It had all the information I was looking for. She even found a source for the elusive bubud for the rice wine which I will be sure to look into for future experiments.
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