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This has become a regular on our menu ever since we finally figured out how to get that crunchy and sinfully good skin and the fork tender meat. My entry for this week’s Lasang Pinoy Sunday (LaPiS) is a bit late because the weekend got a little hectic, and well, I’m also pre-occupied with reading a novel and couldn’t put it down all weekend. The theme for LaPiS this week is SQUARE. As I was looking through my food photos and saw this pork roast with the square pieces of crunch on top and decided that it’s time to re-post the recipe. Here is what we make when we have hankering for some lechon. … Read entire article »

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Oven Barbecued Country Style Ribs

This is our gentle nudge to bringing on some warm weather and with today being the first day of spring, I thought this would be a nice reminder of things to come. It’s been too soggy in the backyard to take out the grill so into the oven these ribs went. But by he time they were plated up with some potato salad, baked beans and pan fried zucchini, it was almost like being in a backyard barbecue. There were really easy to make and probably could have used the slow cooker too but the oven did a nice job browning them up. … Read entire article »

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Pesto Roast Pork

I have been trying to clean out stuff on my photo files and WordPress drafts for this blog and found this photo of the Pesto Roast Pork that we cooked last fall. There were some frozen items in the freezer that I needed to use up or throw out. They weren’t spoiled or anything, they were just reaching the end of their freezer life. Plus, I needed to put more stuff in there and I didn’t want them to get lost in the bottom of freezer hell. Long story short, I decided to put the frozen tomatoes and frozen pesto in this slow cooked roast. Who knew the combination would turn out so well! Too bad I couldn’t find a cooked photo, but trust me this was a great tasting roast and … Read entire article »

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Recipes to Rival: Tamales!

These tamales were delicious! I love tamales, but I don’t usually order them when we go to restaurants. Why? because restaurant tamales usually suck. They are dry and taste like cardboard. The best tamales I’ve had were homemade ones; the kind someone’s mom or grandma made. And growing up in California, I didn’t have a shortage of friends with tamale making moms and grandmas. I always knew what I was going to get for a gift on the holidays So if the only tamales you’ve tasted is from a restaurant and you’ve sworn to not like them, I suggest making these and maybe you’ll change your mind. This month’s challenge for Recipes to Rival is Tamales! and it is being hosted by The Healthy Vegan Kitchen. Since the ‘meateatarians’ I … Read entire article »

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Pork & Vegetables Curry

Curried dishes is a big favorite in our house thus it has also become a standby dish. When we can’t think of anything to cook, we start pulling things out of the refrigerator, add curry and presto! We’ve got dinner on the table. We had previously posted another pork curry dish but since this one uses more vegetables and is not as saucy as that one, I figured it needs its own space and recipe. Also, this curry has the addition of a new novelty vegetables I’ve been seeing at the grocery store, orange cauliflower! They also had purple, but the girls said that was just too weird. … Read entire article »

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Pata Tim

I cooked this dish a while back but hadn’t posted it because I wasn’t happy with the washed out photo and I was hoping to cook it again and take a better photo. But, of course that hasn’t happened and I am in a cleaning up mood. I plan on cleaning out my drafts folder this month, so here goes. I got hungry just thinking about this dish so I had to take a break and go eat dinner first Anyway, this dish was adapted from Oggi’s Pata Tim which she cooked up for Lasang Pinoy’s January event which featured dishes cooked in a crockpot or slow cooker. When I made this version, I didn’t have time to cook it in a slow cooker but rather went to the other … Read entire article »

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Spicy Braised Pork

One thing about the girls being away, my husband and I have been too lazy to cook or eat. We even ate just a piece of the hazelnut/Almond cake below for dinner one night. Other nights we had breakfast for dinner. The evening we cooked this braised pork was not different, but we had some vegetables that needed cooking and that guilty pang from not eating a balanced meal was starting to get us so we thought we better cook something. I hadn’t been shopping much either so all we had in the freezer was some chicken wings and a pork butt (I know, sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? LOL!). Anyway, I sauted a combination of green beans and yard long beans to accompany this pork dish. … Read entire article »

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Homemade Potstickers

My girls love dumplings of any kind. One of their favorites to make and eat are potstickers. They are easy enough to make that they can now make them on their own, whenever they feel like it. Once made, they like ’em steamed, fried, boiled or in soup. … Read entire article »

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