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Turkey Chili

When my daughters saw what we were having for dinner, they immediately assumed it was our usual chili con carne. However, after they had their first bite, all of them commented… “you did something different”. I didn’t tell them ahead of time I that I was trying out Ted Murphy’s Turkey Chili recipe.

They were pleasantly surprised and so was I, actually. I changed the recipe up a little bit, but I think the primary flavors from Ted’s chili were in there. I really liked the addition of chocolate and beer to the recipe. It gave it a deeper, more robust flavor. I also cut down on the spiciness a little since my daughters can’t take too much heat. Instead of adding the 10 Tablespoons of Cholula hot sauce, I decided to let everyone add their own hot sauce to their individual bowls instead. My husband and I were the only ones who opted to add more. The girls loved it just as it was and everyone had a second bowl.

Here’s my version of the turkey chili:
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